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50 Years In Pictures by Igal Morag

Igal Morag was born in 1936 in Tel Aviv. He was a member of kibbutz “Saar” for Seven years, a kibbutz defined as a “fishing based” kibbutz. He has been taking pictures since the 1950’s and never had “official” training. Igal had several exhibitions starting in 1962 and today offers photo presentation evenings with a collection of over 25,000 photographs he has taken. He is now showing some of his presentations online on his site. He also offers guided tours in Israel.
Images displayed are property of Yigal Morag.

Haifa Bahay Temple

Jerusalem Old City
Jerusalem Dome of the Rock
Maria Magdalena Church Mount of Olives Jerusalem
Jewish Quarter Jerusalem

Muslim Quarter Jerusalem
Ofakim Shaked Unit Memorial
Dominus Flevit Jerusalem
Tel Aviv at Night
Mount Meiron Israel
Agmon Hachula
Agmon Hachula
Biraam - Old Synagogue
The Aquaduct in Acco


  1. You are welcome to visit my websites under this addresses – Hebrew – English

  2. Sorry! there are a little mistake at the English address, this is the correct one

  3. Dear Igal,
    The pictures of the churches in Jerusalem are very nice. It must be very impressive to our readers. I am the editor of the Lutheran bi-monthly which is published in Hong Kong in Chinese and to be circulated to our church members freely. May I ask your permission for reproduction of the pictures from your power points of the “Churches in Jerusalem” on our Bi-monthly which will be published in the coming June.
    thanks for your attetion.
    Andy Woo

  4. shalom Yigal.
    I found your name on the Yekkes powerpoint presetnation and was wondering if you are related to Azriel and Daniela Morag, whom I have lost touch with for many years.
    regardless if you are or are not related I wanted to tell you how great your work, is
    best regards

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