Every Friday night there is a show I like to watch, Wonderful Country (or Eretz Nehedert), a satire presented as a news show that summarizes the events of the week in Israel. An Israeli version of SNL but without the subtlety. Tonight’s show had lots to work with.

With 123 days left to the elections and Sharon’s launch of “Kadima” (forward) his own personal political party, the starting shot was obvious. The Sharon family now has its own political party and now on its way to have its own country. Of course Omri can’t be a member of the new party, being an admitted criminal and all, its probably better he isn’t part of a new political party that hopes to rule the country in 123 days. What happens later, that’s another story.

Another bit deals with Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi). We find him sitting on Ariel Sharon’s vacant chair, trying it on for size. No doubt he is counting on the remaining 2/3 of the Likud party members to vote for him, even though early polls are showing a mass desertion of the Likud voters (48% for Sharon). When he is interviewed by the “anchor man” of the show, he begins sweating profusely insisting that he is calm and confident of his chances of becoming the next prime minister. I kept thinking about the final scene in Animal House, Kevin Bacon yelling “everyting is under control – don’t panic !” right before he gets trampled to death.

Next we meet Shaul Mofaz, minister of security and ex chief of staff. He walks in to his interview with an M16 and helmet. He is back from the Northern front. “These bastards will never win. We will get them all”, he claims. He is not speaking about the attacks in the North but about the other members of the Likud party who up until a week ago where his political partners and now are his sworn enemies. This week he called Bibi the equivalent of a spoiled rich kid. Describing his own poor retched childhood where “the sandwiches we got at home were mostly bread and a thin layer of butter”. Let the fun begin..

Then we have the third Likud member, Silvan Shalom. Silvan Shalom is married to the very rich, somewhat freaky, Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes. She walks Shalom into the studio and encourages him to stand on a chair and read the speech he prepared at home. He mumbles a few words and she tells the anchor (in English) to praise him. Good for his confidence.

A public opinion poll came out showing that if elections were to happen today, Ariel Sharon (Kadima) would get 33 votes, Amir Peretz (Avoda) 26 votes and Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) would get 13 votes. Yes it’s too early to tell. The lady behind the poll taking is Dr. Mina Tzemach which is considered traditionally as “The Polls Lady”. So if she says it’s going to happen, and she never officially did, then there is a good chance it will happen.

A word about Amir Peretz and the Labour party (Avoda). The Labour party is the traditional party for Ashkenazi Jews (eastern European decent). Now, a Moroccan (East African Jew), with a moustache and apparently not a single tie or jacket, is leading it. This is a political party that for years made it a point to screw East African Jews.
It’s time the Labour party had an injection of fresh, hot blood. The freeze dried farts that lead it never understood the change in the country and it’s great that the wake up call came from a Moroccan Jew. Poetic justice. And so what if he can’t speak a word of English.

This is going to be interesting. I can’t wait. Colorful characters, vicious lies, intrigue, betrayal. Stay tuned..