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Likud and Bibi tactics

Bibi visited the Likud Party history museum this week. The museum was opened a year and 4 months ago, but Bibi asked to visit 5 days before the Likud primaries. Must be some sort of coincidence. While there he got his picture taken next to portraits of the founder of the party, Menachem Begin, and reminisced about the great man and his work.

Hardcore Likud members have noted that Bibi attended Menachem Begin’s yearly memorials twice, in 1996 and 1999, both surprisingly election years at the Likud. ERROR: THIS IS A WRONG STATEMENT AND WE STAND CORRECTED. BIBI ATTENDED ALSO MEMORIALS IN 2001 AND 2003. WE APOLOGIZE !!
In his attempt to get closer to the people he has gone to extreme lengths, hugging and kissing as many members of the Likud as possibe. Last week he attended a popular talk show and after the show, the camera following him off stage caught one of his friends was overheard saying to him “you seemed human, it was great, the best I’ve ever seen you.” Strange thing to say to a human being…should we check for a tail or pointy ears ?

Monday next week is election day at the Likud, the “Primaries”. These internal Likud elections will determine who will be their candidate for prime minister. After the Shaul Mofaz quick disappearing act, Silvan Shalom and Bibi are the only main candidates vying for the leadership of the party. Shalom is gaining and Bibi is leading although there are many Likud voters that feel that Bibi is not an option. Many will not forget that when the party needed him most he turned away and went to seek his fortune in the lecture circuit. Some Likud voters will prefer Kadima if Bibi becomes party leader… Should make for an interesting election day at the Likud.

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  1. It is such a shame that you do not like Mr.Bibi Natanyahu. He is one of the capable and able leaders of Israel. He should lead the Nation of Israel at such a time as this.


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