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Ariel Sharon has minor stroke

FYI – Just on the news. Seems like Ariel Sharon had a minor stroke. Details are still unclear, he is still in the trauma wing of Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. He apparently lost consciousness in his office and was rushed to hospital. He is currently undergoing tests.

UPDATE: He seems to be okay. Joking around and checking with doctors that “he is still here”. He reportedly told Haaretz that he “Just needed a few days off”.

Tonight is the Likud Primaries and it should be interesting. No doubt this event will have an influence and voter turn out should be higher. Silvan Shalom and Bibi are going at one another and the race seems close.

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  1. Ariel Sharon is a bigbastard,he doesnt know with whom he is playing,Palstine will be returned if he likes or dislikes,we arab won’tstand anymore for his terorism against us and tomorrow the aisshall will see

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