Nathan Halpern Illustration in Ceramics I met the ceramics artist and illustrator Nathan Halpern in his home in Mevaseret Zion, just outside Jerusalem. Born in 1947, Nathan Halpern has been illustrating, mostly for children books, for over 15 years. Browse through the children’s book section in an Israeli bookstore and you’ll see his work.

Nathan Halpern graduated the Visual Communication program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. After establishing himself as an illustrator he developed an interest in the three dimensional world and began illustrating in ceramics. Looking at his work you feel like you are watching an animated world that came to life. The vivid unique characters are fascinating and the wide range of brilliant colors make these pieces jump to life.

Horse Rider Ceramic Sculpture - Nathan HalpernWoman Bather Ceramic Illustration - Nathan Halpern
Halpern explores different characters in his work, concentrating on a particular subject or character, developing it and taking it to new levels with each new piece. These make for some beautiful ceramic series that explore movement and situations for a particular figure. Some notable series included the Bathing Women, Horse Riders, Cars and a series of Mezuzah illustrations he did early on.

Nathan has been exhibiting in select galleries around Israel including the national Eretz Israel Museum and the galleries in Neve Tzedek. Nathan Halpern also teaches ceramics to small groups of students at his home studio. His works are now available online.