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Yigal Ozeri

I want to show off some of Yigal Ozeri’s work, I came across it at the Alon Segev Gallery (thank you) where his works are available.
Read the bio below – impressive.

Yigal Ozeri

Yigal Ozeri

Yigal Ozeri


1958 Born in Tel Aviv, Israel
1983-4 Co-founder of Miemad Art School
1989 “Young Artist” Award, Israeli Ministry of Education & Culture
1991 Moved to New York City
1992 Board member of the International Artists’ Museum
1995 Established the Israeli chapter of the Artists’ Museum
1995 Curator of Co-Existence, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
2000 Print workshop with Jim Dine, Print Portfolio at Cabri Print workshop, Israel
2000 Exit Art Gallery Benefit Print Portfolio with Sol LeWitt, Louise Bourgeois, Shahzia Skikander,
Kerry J.Marshall
2002 Board member of Exit Art Gallery

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2006 “Mini Retrospective”, Curator Maithe Valles-Bled, Musee Fleury, Lodev, France, January-April
2005 “Long Island City Series”, Curator: Prof. Mordechai Omer, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv Israel
Sep.-Nov. (Cat.)
2004 “Long Island City Series”, New Gallery, Houston, Texas, October-November
2004 “New Works”, Mike Weiss Gallery, Chelsea, New York, April-May
2003 “The Watcher’s Paintings”, Mike Weiss Gallery, Chelsea, New York, November-January
2003 “Memories from the Last Supper”, New Gallery, Houston, Texas, January-February
2003 “Tablo Vivon”, Hieke Curtze, Berlin, Germany, Febuary-March
2003 “The Last Supper”, Haffeman Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany, April-May
2002 “The Countess De Castiglione”, Gallerie Heike Curtze, Veinna, Austria, January-March
2002 “Presence of the Absent”, Stux Gallery, Chelsea, New York, May-June
2002 “Presence de L’absence”, Galerie Mabel Semmler, Paris, France, July-August
2002 “Yigal Ozeri Full Moon”, Galerie Heike Curtze, Salzburg, Austria, July-August
2001 “Tikkun – The Restoration Series”, Stefan Stux Gallery, Chelsea, New York, March, (cat.)
2001 “The Countess De Casteglione”, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, December (Cat.)
2001 “The Mark of The Bite”, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, March-April (Cat.)
2000 ”Still-Life”, Hafemann Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany, May-June, (Cat.)
2000 “Tikkun (Restoration)”, New Gallery, Houston, Texas, December-January
2000 “Deep Storage”, Gallerie Heike Curtze, Veinna, Austria, February-March (Cat.)
1999 “Overpass – Painting Beyond History”, New Gallery, Houston, Texas, July-August
1998 ”The Gray Series”, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, October, (Cat.)
1998 “Last Dance with Velazquez”, New Gallery, Houston, Texas, May (Cat.)
1998 ”The Empty Dress”, Caesarea Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida, January-February
1997 “Unbuilt America; Tears of Buildings”, Z Gallery, SoHo, New York, March-April, (Cat.)
1997 ”Unbuilt America. Fragile Architecture.” Drawings & Prints, ATP, Vienna, April
1997 ”Yigal Ozeri-New Works 1994-1997”, Curator: Prof.. Mordechai Omer, Tel Aviv Museum of Art,
June-Sep. (Cat.)
1997 “Atlas – Yigal Ozeri”, Haffemann Gallery, Weisbaden, Germany, September-October
1996 ”Yigal Ozeri”, ARCO Art Fair, Madrid, Spain, Bineth Gallery, Febuary, (Cat.)
1996 “Unbuilt America, Fragile Architecture”, Galerie Heike Curtze, Vienna, Austria, May–June
(Artist Book)
1996 “Dress Structures”, Caesarea Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida, Febuary
1995 “The Mad House of Goya”, Z Gallery, SoHo, New York, November, (Artist Book)
1995 “Yigal Ozeri – New Works”, Hafemann Gallery, Wiesbaden, March-July
1995 “A lot of White and a bit of Yellow”, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, March-April
1995 “Vessels & Shrines”, Yigal Ozeri & Frederick Kiesler, curators Prof. Mordechai Omer & Meira Perry
Lehman, Museum of Israel, Jerusalem, March-May, (Cat.)
1995 “After Velazquez”, Caesarea Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida, March-April
1994 “Born – Unborn”, Yigal Ozeri & Wenda Gu, Berlin-Shafir Gallery, SoHo, New York
1994 “The Empty Chair”, curator Prof. Mordechai Omer, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, April-July (Cat.)
1993 “The Presence of The Absent: The Empty Chair”, Bianca Lanza Gallery, Miami, April-May
1993 “My Library”, Sala Gaspar Gallery, Barcelona, January-February, (Cat.)
1992 “My Library”, Hafemann Gallery, Wiesbaden, November-January
1992 “The Chemical Villa & The Hanging Garden”, Yigal Ozeri & William Katavolos, The Museum of Israeli
Art, Ramat Gan, September-October
1992 ”The Chemical Villa & The Hanging Garden”, Yigal Ozeri & William Katavolos, S. Bitter Gallery, SoHo,
New York, June (Artist Book)
1992 “Unbuilt, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, February-March
1992 “Yigal Ozeri ; Michal Rovner”, Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago, January-February
1991 ”Decoy”, Yigal Ozeri & Michal Rovner, S.Bitter-Larkin Gallery, Soho, New York, May (cat.)
1990 “Matter Becomes Light-Light Becomes Matter”, Yigal Ozeri & Irene Peschick, Da-Da Yanko Museum
and Ein Harod Museum, Israel, (Cat.)
1989 “Interpretation on Fresco Paintings 1989”, Hafemann Gallery, Wiesbaden, September (Cat.)
1989 ”Yigal Ozeri”, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, March-April, (Cat.)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2002 “New York – Atlanta”, Momus Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, November-December
2000 “The Figure: Another Side of Modernism”, curator: Lilly Wei, Snug Harbor Cultural Center,Staten
Island, New York, June-January (Cat.)
2000 “The End: An Independent Vision of Contemporary Culture, 1982-2000”,Curators J.Ingberman &
P.Colo, Exit Art Gallery, Soho, New York, January-April
2000 “90th Anniversary of Tel Aviv-Yafo Contemporary Cityscapes- Israeli & American Artists”,Curator: Prof.
Mordechai Omer, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, April-August
2000 “Place Mark Person Mark”, Curator: Meira Lehman-Perry, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem,Israel,
2000 “90 Years of Israeli Art A Selection from the Joseph Hackmey-Israeli Phoenix Collection”,Curator: Prof.
Mordechai Omer, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, June-October (Cat.)
2000 “Monumental Drawings”, Curators: Jeanette Ingberman & Papo Colo, Exit Art Gallery, SoHo, New York,
2000 “The Arturo Schwartz Collection of Contemporary Art”, Curator: Prof. Mordechai Omer, The Tel Aviv Museum
of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, December-March, (Cat.)
1998 “Modular Composite”, Central Fine Arts Gallery, SoHo, New York, October
1998 “Contemporary Israeli Art: Three Generations”, organized by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, at the University
of London, Britain, June-August & at the National Gallery and Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens, Greece,
September-October, The National Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany, Jan.-May ‘99 (Cat.)
1998 “Open Saluo” White Box Gallery Inaugural Exhibition”, White Box Gallery, Chelsea, NY, May
1997 “La Tradicion – Performing Painting”, Curators: Jeanette Ingberman & Papo Colo, Exit Art Gallery, SoHo,
New York, March-April
1997 “Codified Desires”, Rik Ritchey, Lisa Kokin & Yigal Ozeri, curator Anna Novakov, Catharine Clark Gallery,
San Francisco, January – February (Cat.)
1996 “Painting All-Over, Again”, Curator: Saul Ostrow, Promueve y patrocina, Saragosa, Spain, September, (Cat.)
1995 “Construction In Process V – Dukium (Co-Existence)”, The Artists’ Museum, Mitzpe Ramon,Israel, April (Cat.)
1994 “Free Falling”, Berlin-Shfir Gallery, SoHo, New York, January-February
1994 “Autumn Exhibition”, Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, October, (Cat.)
1993 “Locus”, Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California Los Angeles, September-November, (Cat.)
1993 “Construction In Process IV – My Home Is Your Home”, The Artists’ Museum, Lodge, October
1993 “Ten By Ten By Ten”, TZ’ART Gallery, SoHo, New York, December-January
1992 “Book, Box, Word”, COCA Museum, Miami, December-January, (Cat.)
1992 ”Yigal Ozeri”, ARCO Art Fair, Madrid, Spain, Bineth Gallery, February (Cat.)
1992 “The Presence of the Absent- The Empty Chair”, curator: Prof. Mordechai Omer, TheGenia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, (Cat.)
1990 “Ornamentika”, Curator: Gottfried Hafemann, Hafemann Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany
1990 “The Israeli Selection to the Aparto”, Co-curators: Surin Heller & Meir Aharonson, Museum of Israeli Art,
Ramat Gan, (Cat.)
1990 “Sieben Israelische Kunstlers”, Fredericia Taylor Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1990 “Architecture on Paper”, Curator: Meira Lehman-Perry, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
1990 “Line Against Line”, Ausslellungshalle Karmekiterkloster, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, (Cat.)
1988 “ArtIsrael 1988”, Curators: Marge Goldwater & Paterson Sims, traveling exhibition, USA, (Cat.)
1988 “Fresh Paint: The Younger Generation in Israeli Art”, Curators: Helen Ginton & Yigal Zalmona, Tel Aviv
Museum of art, Tel Aviv & the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel (Cat.)

Selected Public Collections

The Jewish Museum, New York, USA
The Public Library, New York, USA
The General American Corporation, Houston, USA
The Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria
The Kuntzwerien, Wiesbaden, Germany
The KennedyCenter for the Arts, DC, USA
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
The Ein Harod Museum, Ein Harod, Israel
The Da-Da Yanko Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
The Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel

Selected Publications

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  1. hello

    i want to come in contact with Yigal Ozeri
    artist born in 1958 Tel Aviv

  2. i want to contact
    Yigal Ozeri born 1958 in Tel Aviv

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