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Israeli elections kick in today – traitors, spies, tears and a little hope

It’s official today you can tell that election time is upon us. Watch any of the main stations and you can see them all going at it. The nice thing with the launch of Kadima is that there are lots and lots of traitors and spies all over the place. Members of the Likud who moved to Kadima are being accused of being spies and traitors and Labour members are being accused of deal making – its great. These are the elections I grew up to love.

In another development today, Shinui party leader Tommy Lapid (father of Yair Lapid) and Avraham Poraz were rumored to announce their withdrawal from political life. At some point apparently Poraz became a little misty about his imminent departure, needed a big hug from Tommy Lapid and the two decided to hold off on their departure from politics. The press conference was called off.

Today Ehud Olmeret was officially elected the temporary leader of Kadima by party members while in hospital Sharon’s family had a moment of hope. Apparently his son Gilad played a tape to the unconscious Sharon with the voice of his grandchildren and he opened his eyes, some tears formed and he then shut his eyes again.

Doctors are a little more skeptic and cautious about this new development, refusing to acknowledge this development and calling it a possible reflex reaction. His condition is still considered critical and doctors are concerned about the lack of positive change in the last while. Monday last week doctors reported that Sharon was responding to tests and slightly moving both his left and right leg. Since then not much has changed until today’s announcement.

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  1. Sharon’s medical problems came in the worst time for the Israeli people,but I believe
    they will overcome this period in good shape,aren’t they the chosen ones.

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