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East Jerusalem to vote or not to vote

The Israeli cabinet’s decision to allow residents of east Jerusalem to vote in the approaching Palestinian elections, excluding the militant Hamas movement seem to upset everybody. In the Israeli press the question is asked whatever happened to the ”united Jerusalem” slogan declared over the recent decades by every Israeli politician, isn’t such a decision an admission of a future divided Jerusalem? paving the way for the Palestinian claim of a State with Jerusalem as its Capital-forever. I seem to recall the term of a united Jerusalem-forever, approving the placing of Palestinian authority ballot boxes in east Jerusalem and allowing Palestinian propaganda speaks for itself. The Arab press is upset as well, the Palestinian press calling for rationalism and calm instead of rushing into a Democratic celebration.

The Egyptian press complains about the Israeli decision of banning the militant Hamas candidates from campaigning in Jerusalem, but allowing other Palestinian candidates to campaign, calling it a policy of interference in Palestinian internal affairs, particularly in the election process, where Palestinians express their will and choose whoever they want to represent them. Just like the “free” elections in Egypt a few months ago, where hundreds of Egyptians were beaten and thrown to jail on election day.

Even The Syrian Government owned paper addressed his cynical question to the “western defenders of democracy”, how can conditional elections be held after a faction (meaning Hamas) has been excluded from them? look who is talking about free and democratic elections ! the last elections held in Syria were probably sometime before I was born, and I have just retired !

By Manu


  1. I wonder if the Arab would ever change their crooked views of Israel.

  2. As much as it is sad to admit it,East Jerusalem never realy fitted in and was never a part of a united Jerusalem,it maybe
    better to accept it for the sake of real peace when the time comes.

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