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Schulz on Honor and Islam

By Denis Schulz

When Shane called Wilson a ‘dirty Yankee liar,’ Wilson reached for his shootin’ iron. What else was he to do? He had been insulted; demeaned; defamed. And unless he responded immediately to the challenge he would never be able to show his face in Grafton again. Suing was out of the question, lawyers were expensive, and Shane didn’t have a pot to boil coffee in. So Wilson went down to the hardware store and bought some bullets. His honor was at stake-such as it was.

Senator Sumner attacked by PrestonOn May 20, 1856, Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA) rose in the Senate to trash the Kansas-Nebraska Act During the course of the speech, he made several insulting references to Senator Andrew Butler (D-SC), one of the bill’s co-sponsors. Butler had taken” a mistress,” said Sumner, “who, though ugly to others, is always lovely to him; though polluted in the sight of the world, is chaste in his sight-I mean, the harlot, Slavery”. Two days later, Butler’s nephew, US Congressman Preston Brooks (D-SC), strode into the Senate chamber and beat Sumner half-to-death with a gutta-percha cane with a solid gold handle. Uncle Andy’s honor has been at stake; Preston ‘Bully’ Brooks’ honor had been at stake; the South’s honor had been at stake-such as it was.

So it is with Islam. The less honor reposing in a person or a group, the more angry and violent the response to any challenge, real or imagined, by said person or group.

Chris Ofili - Virgin MaryVoltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” He wasn’t there for Shane or Charles Sumner, but it’s the thought that counts. It’s in the First Amendment to the US Constitution: the freedom of Speech; the freedom of Expression; the freedom of Thought; the freedom to Doodle; the freedom to take photographs of a crucifix suspended in a jar of urine and pass it off as art. One could, theoretically, paint a picture of The Holy Virgin Mary and cover it with elephant dung and call it art. Actually, that’s what Chris Ofili did and he won a prestigious art award for what some called an abomination. (Liberal avant-garde artists seem to be fascinated with urine and feces)

Art connoisseurs, obviously knowing more about body wastes than the average person, said Ofili’s masterpiece was ‘shocking,’ ‘deliberately provocative’ and was intended to ‘jolt viewers into an expansive frame of reference.’

Could that have been the idea behind the 12 drawings of Mohammed that appeared in Jyllands-Posten? Was it to shock, to provoke, to expand a frame of reference? Naw. Absolutely not! But shock it did, like a cattle prod going full blast. And provoke? Like poking a stick in a hornet’s nest though it did little to expand anyone’s frame of reference. Islam is still mired in the 7th Century. But the artists are in hiding, Jyllands-Posten has apologized, the Danish embassy in Damascus was torched, protesters in Pakistan are chanting ‘Death to France’ and ‘Death to Denmark,’ Iran’s precious little rat-bag is waving Islam’s bloody shirt, and poor little England who has been apologizing profusely for three months has, nevertheless, been threatened with another 7/7.

Wilson would have understood; Bully Brooks would have understood; the Hatfields and the McCoys would have understood. It’s about honor-real, imagined, or mistaken-those who have the least of it spend the most time defending it. Whether it’s Wilson, Brooks or Islam they bully, they threaten, they insist upon having their way. At least six centuries behind the West in social and technological development, Islam cannot catch up with the modern world without embracing the very freedoms and ways of doing things they have despised for 1,400 years. To do so would dishonor them; it would be worse than death. But if they can conquer the dar al-Harb and restore the Caliphate all will be well and the Prophet will be pleased. He may even put out the fuse in his turban. And they were well on their way to doing just that. By subterfuge, by taquiya, by playing on the gullibility of the Noam Chomskys and the John Espositos, by taking advantage of the spinelessness of Europe’s secularized society and the mind-numbing obtuseness of an America opiated on cultural diversity they were within a mere hadith or sura of success when, almost by accident, 12 of the most unlikely Rosa Parks’ imaginable sat down at their drawing boards and exposed the ugly face of Islam. And like Wilson and Bully Brooks they responded with violence.

Let it be said: There is no honor in cutting the hands off thieves; there is no honor in the murder of a wife or sister or daughter because of the sexual incompetence of some braying jackass; there is no honor in collapsing or even talking about collapsing buildings on gays and lesbians; there is no honor in locking women up in houses and clothing them in garbage bags so some maladjusted sexist chauvinist pig can feel superior to someone; there is no honor in screaming ‘Death to Israel,’ and ‘Death to America; there is no honor. no honor. no honor.

The mobs rampaging through the streets of Damascus, Tehran and Beirut should serve as a warning to the West. These are not the kind of people a sane person would want living next door. They are mean, nasty, ugly. Satan would have been proud of them; bearded, wild-eyed, irrational men, youths; mere boys, exuding hatred with every breath. Everywhere one looked one saw men, men, men. Where were the women? The only thing that could possibly ameliorate the savageness of these low-life cretins would have been the presence of women-a lot of them. The higher the percentage of women in a given crowd, the less the propensity of said crowd to engage in violence.

Is it possible that 12 cartoon depictions of the Prophet could turn normal everyday men into raving rampaging lunatics – a sort of spontaneous combustion?

Not likely. The kind of hatred exhibited in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere in the Muslim world does not come from the tooth fairy. It has a long gestation period. It has to be imbibed with a mother’s milk. Brainwashing is an art, it takes a long time to put even a small load through the spin cycle.

And where did the mobs come from so quickly, so spontaneously, so expeditiously? Did they come out of thin air? Didn’t any of those rascals have jobs? Some of them must have been employed somewhere. Did they vacate the counting house, the forge, and the furnace to riot? No wonder the economies of some Muslim countries rival that of Lower Slobbovia!

The truth: Muslims cannot be trusted. They practice taquiya instead of honesty; dissimulation trumps frankness; power relationships replace cooperation. They are not like us, they have never been like us, and, chances are, they never will be. It is time to put a halt to Muslim immigration to the United States. Islam has nothing to do with freedom and democracy; it has everything to do with slavery and oppression. If Muslims want acceptance let them publicly renounce the sharia. If the vast majority of the world’s 1.3 billion so-called peace loving Muslims can’t rid Islam of a handful of Jihadists it’s because they don’t want to. A Muslim is no more likely to join America in its war on terrorism than a German in the 1930s would have been to oppose Adolph Hitler.

Seeing as America’s mainstream media lies supine in the face of Islamic terrorism it is up to the Internet, the hackers and the bloggers; the last bastion of freedom of speech, to oppose the coming Caliphate. Whenever a Mad Mullah opens his mouth to scream hatred of America and Israel, post a picture of Mohammed. Whenever Ibrahim Hoopercrit or Nihad Awad or one of their running dogs of the species espositas jonnicus proclaims Islam to be a religion of peace and toleration, post a picture of Mohammed. Post, post, post! As Abraham Lincoln said, “America is the last best hope of the world.”

Shane had good reason to call Wilson a ‘dirty Yankee liar,’ and Charles Sumner had an ever better reason to call Butler’s gal friend a harlot. Now it is Mohammed’s turn. A mass murderer, the man responsible for the destruction of the Syriac and Egyptiac civilizations among others, and for the oppression of more human beings than communism and fascism combined, he deserves it.

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  1. Denis,

    I would like to see your article printed in Jyllands Posten!
    I am sure they could translate it to Danish for you.

    Also here in the US, the point of view presented in your article, is almost entirely missing from mainstream media.
    Have you tried to submit it to NYT, or some other major news paper?
    Please don’t give up. This point needs to be heard!
    We need this discussion.
    Ray Bright

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