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The Dimona Comix team: awesome Israeli talent

The Dimona Comix team

When we heard about the Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest, we laughed. What a great way to take the piss out of this whole Muhammad cartoon brouhaha. And we were intrigued: who had this brilliant idea?

Turns out that it was the brainchild of Amitai Sandy (29), a graphic artist who is the publisher of Dimona Comix.

Here’s how the Dimona Comix team describes itself:

Dimona is a group of five comix creators in their late twenties who live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.
The group members use the comics medium to tell stories about their own life and fantasies, in a wide and non-traditional variety of styles and media, very different from American “super hero” comic books.

“Very different” – indeed. Also irreverent, laugh-out-loud funny and not really for kids.

We especially like Shirley: A Sex Comedy Graphic Novella

shirley cover800
This is what Noa Abarbanel (22), has to say about the story she wrote:
The story of Shirley is derived from our own lives and experiences with the opposite sex… What some people see as healthy enjoyable humor others find as repellent, embarrassing or just plain rude. Many people are so tight assed about sex… Will they ever learn to relax?

The Shirley trailer

The Dimona Comix team has made Shirley’s story into a graphic trailer. It’s not for prudes, not for viewing in the office and not for kids. Meaning – it’s great. Click Here to see it.



  1. Shirley: amateurish, poor syntax and accents get in the way. Annoying and what’s so great about it?

  2. Jill – I’m trying to raise some awareness regarding the topic of my last blog posting. Here’s the link:

    If you could post this on your blog and pass this along that would be great.


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