Bibi Muscle I missed it on the site it was pulled real quick, but it was just on the news. The Kadima people put some truly strange Flash movie games on the Kadima site poking “aggressive fun” at the competition. Not quite sure what it was that I saw, but it involved anal insertion, flatulence and Bibi bending over. Some questions were raised as to Olmert’s direct responsibility for this colorful campaign. I am for one am happy to see this political campaign going online.

This is the fun section at the Kadima site.
This is a cute game called Bibi Bullshit. Where all Hamas members at the click of a button get to snap, crackle and pop Bibi over the head.

Bibi CartoonsBibi

Bibibibi and Hamas

Labour and Amir Peretz are also under attack. The English is an easy one (getting a little old guys). This is a little game where you can make Peretz blurb funny things in English. Everything was taken from his notorious speech.

Scratch this card and see who is behind the man with the Moustache. The idea is that when you scratch the Labour party you’ll find Yossi Beilin from Meretz.
Amir Peretz Scratch and Win Game
Beilin with a moustache

Bibi “Brave in front of the mirror” game makes fun of the Bibi “Strong against the Hamas” campaign. Well, he did ask for it. You can build his panic level by clicking the buttons and get him to smack his head against the sink until images of his wife (aahh) circle around his head.

Bibi Don
Bibi Don

That’s it for now. More to come I am sure…