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Israeli TV news now online in English

Yonit Levi
Yonit Levy, co-anchor of Israel’s Channel 2 TV evening news.

As of March 1, you can watch Israel’s Channel 2 evening news broadcast online, with an English language narration. Which means that non-Hebrew speakers will get a much better idea of the issues that really concern Israelis – especially since Channel 2 is a commercial network that depends on ratings, which means that it reports on what the people want to know.

Click here to watch and listen. Note that you can register for free daily email updates.

The truth is that there already was an existing Israeli television news broadcast in English. It’s produced and broadcast by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and – well, it sucks. They have a miniscule budget, and it shows: the reporting is amateurish and superficial and the timeslot is ridiculous – 5.30 p.m., which means that working adults who actually have a life are never able to watch it.

This new service should open up a whole new window on Israeli society for non-Hebrew speakers.

Thanks to Alan Abbey for the tip (if you’re not reading this veteran journalist’s blog, you should be – it has a ton of interesting information).


  1. A very good idea, its nice to know you can watch Israeli news on your site, congretulations!

  2. The link to Alan Abbey is not working from here. Is it to Y net?

  3. It’s a great service, but not necessary to knock IBA’s English Language news program. At a half hour, it provides a lot more than the two minutes that Channel 2 offers.

  4. Thank you for this! It’s great to be connected 🙂 Praying people need to know what’s going on! We’ll share the sorrows and the joys! I hope the news there brings joys too!?

  5. Thanks for the hat tip, Lisa. The link here is directly to my website’s blog section. I’m still not sure I like you calling me a “veteran” journalist. ;>)

  6. Congratulations! At long last we can watch Israeli news – and will not have to rely on IBA’s English Language very very poor news program.
    Thanks and looking forward to this new service.

  7. I have been enrolled for many, many months, but more often than not the broadcast breaks after a few seconds and when it starts again I have to suffer the advertisement again; it can do this several times during one broadcast. I often just click off in frustration.
    You really need to do something about this as it is very irritating. I am in Hawaii and have DSL and do not have problems with other videos.

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