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Israeli campaign platform: hot lesbian sex for all!

Last week I wrote a post about Ale Yarok, the Israeli political party that favours the legalisation of marijuana for personal use. The party describes itself as ultra-liberal, which means that it also has a pro-peace platform and a social equality message as well.

Their campaign broadcast is absolutely fabulous. It features a traditional Jewish wedding that’s actually not so traditional and…

Oh, just watch it:

Who said that Israeli politics was boring?

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  1. Not your usual campaign commercial, I agree. Hope Ale Yarok were not counting on getting Orthodox votes! How does a gay Jewish couple decide which one gets to be the one who crushes the cup marking the destruction of the First Temple? Do they flip a coin for it?
    (You know if I had read this 25 years ago, I may have needed to use the product Ale Yarok wants to legalize!)

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