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Queen Rania has a blog!

Queen Rania of Jordan

Just in case you were looking for yet more evidence that blogs have gone totally mainstream, I offer you this link to the personal site of H.M. Rania Al-Abdullah, Queen of Jordan.

She’s beautiful, elegant and charming. She speaks fluent English. She’s married to the most popular ruler in the Middle East. She’s involved in all sorts of admirable good works.

Go read about her recent official visit to India. Read the texts of speeches she has given. Check out the links to her biography, view photos of the royal family. It’s all pretty impressive. Makes me wish – oh, how I wish! – that Israel had a woman this polished, photogenic and well-spoken acting as our roving ambassador. We can definitely learn something from our neighbours.

I mean, who’ve we got to compare? Judy Nir Moses? Oy! (vey)
Judy Nir Moses
Can we all say “zero class”? Especially when she does stuff like making a public fuss because she didn’t get a chance to meet Madonna. (talk about embarrassing!)

Maybe Queen Rania could take Judy under her wing? Give her a few lessons in etiquette, appropriate dress style and acceptable public behaviour? I’d consider it a total mitzvah.

Hat tip to CK.


  1. excellent 🙂

  2. I love also the princss kawtar of Morocco , the wife of HRH prince Moulay Rachid , she is very beautiful and elegant.
    She is very classy and polite.

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