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He’s at it Again! Ahmadinejed and the 2006 Football World Cup

It seems that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just doesn’t know when to shut up. His latest contribution to his country’s increased isolation now comes from remarks he made today regarding the German Government’s refusal to let him attend this year’s World Cup, scheduled to begin in Germany this coming July. In an interview with a reporter for the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Mr. Ahmadinejad continued with his opinions concerning the Holocaust.

Mahmoud AhmadinejadDuring the interview, Mr.Ahmadinejad continued to state that the story of The Holocaust is “a series of lies” told by the world Zionest ‘conspiracy’, and that he personally would believe it and accept it as the truth only if be believed it to be so. “I only believe that something can be true if I totally believe in it.”, Ahmadinejad commented, regarding The Holocaust.

Since being elected of the Islamic Republic of Iran, few if any kind words regarding the non-Islamic word have been uttered by Mr. Ahmadinejad. If personally barred from the World Cup, the Iranian president will most likely take out his wrath against countries who simply do not accept Mr. Ahmadinjad and his line of rhetoric.

Iranians themselves view their president’s statements with mixed emotion. “We feel that our government does not care for out well fare, and only gives money to terrorist groups and similar organizations”, a young Iranian student was reported to have said recently in a protest gathering of university students. Perhaps Iran’s younger generation, being more and more frustrated, due to lack of job opportunities and curtailing of individual freedoms, are beginning to view their president in a different manner. “Islam may have a strong pull in this country, but in the long run, people have to live” an Iranian businessman commented.

Iran’s pledge to give the Palestinian Authority a sum of 50 million dollars has also been met with protest by Iranians, many of whom would love to see that money used to help create job opportunities to young (and not so young) Iranians.

Returning to the Iranian president’s World Cup remarks, Mr Ahmadinejad had planned to be present in Germany when the Iranian team plays there this summer. “A Zionest web is preventing me from traveling to Germany to see may country’s team play”, he remarked to the reporter. Interesting that he should say this, in light of all the rhetoric that has been coming from him in an almost continuous flow, since he assumed office as Iran’s president. “My decision (to the attend) depends upon a lot of things”, Ahmadinejad was reported to have said.

Perhaps Mr. Ahmadinejad should take time to consider just what people have against him outside (and probably inside) of Iran. With this in mind, and the Iranian nuclear issue still very much in the forefront, Mr. Ahmadinejad should consider being more compromising in terms of his feelings toward the West, in general, and Israel in particular. The Iranian president ended the interview commenting that Germans are not being allowed to “write the truth” regarding the Holocaust. He claims to only be speaking the truth – his version that is.


  1. “I only believe that something can be true if I totally believe in it.” – He is a very wise man. You just cannot argue with this statement.

  2. For Shlemazel,

    If that’s the case (regarding Ahmaninejad) then we all better take what he’s saying more seriously

  3. An animated version of this pose would have him poking himself right in his own eye. As he does with most of the words he speaks.

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