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It’s Raining Qassams

Sderot - Qassam CityIn case you didn’t know it, people in Sderot are hunger striking because of the fact that they have been bombed with Qassam Rockets for years now. The strikers demand government protection and a severe action against the Palestinian launchers.

Yesterday four more Qassams landed in Sderot. Two people were injured by shreds. One rocket landed very close to a tent where the strikers were having a press conference.
Two strikers have fainted, including the leader of the strike, Alon Davidi, who was treated by the right-wing Kneset member, Arie Eldad, a doctor by trade. Eldad was visiting the tent at the time with other member of the right-wing party “The National Unity” to show support.

Another rocket landed in Neve-Eshkol neighborhood, the third one hit the roof of a factory in town and the fourth one hit close to the Minister of Defense home (Amir Peretz).
The city pool has been opened for summer for the first time yesterday, and several people said they saw the rockets fly right over them. The pool was full of children at the time and people are now scared to go back there. Several citizens have also wondered how can it be that the city pool is open while the schools are closed.

So with schools closed and people afraid and rockets dropping nearly everyday, Sderot is a battle zone. The citizens demand the Minister of Defense “remove the political limitations and let the army deal with the Qassam launchers with full strength.” Yesterday Amir Peretz has asked them personally to quit their hunger strike, but the leaders said they wouldn’t quit until their demands have been answered.

The citizens of Sderot also complain that the “Red Dawn” system did not work yesterday. “Red Dawn” is an emergency system designed to warn citizens when a rocket is about to drop, giving them a few seconds to find shelter. It was installed by the government, but most Sderot citizens view it as a bad joke. They demand real action, they demand to be able to go back to their normal lives.


  1. This Shabbat why don’t we all fast with them and pray for them (both residents of Sderot and the Gov. athorities)? I will.

  2. Fasting is easier said then done! I have never been real keen on food deprivation. I know depriving the flesh makes one more “in tuned to” the Spirit and it is a discipline I need to do more of. (I have much to learn in preparing for and acending from a fast) Although I got really hungry, it was a blessing to spend Shabbat at home in prayer! I will continue to pray for Sderot, the Gov. authorities and yes, even and especially, for those responsibile for the bloodshed. May the Glory of the Lord rest upon them all! And be their guiding light!

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