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Letter to Gilad’s kidnappers

Ynet News published the following letter from Gilad Shalit’s parents:

Our dear and sweet Gilad: Mom, dad, Yoel and Hadas are very concerned for you and wish to hear from you. We hope that you are healthy and feeling well, as best as it is possible in your condition. We hope that you can read these lines and we want you to know that the greatest efforts are being carried out so that you can return home to Hila and the Galilee, to your family, and your room that awaits you as soon as possible.

We want you to know that we are thinking about you all the time and hope that somehow you are doing ok and surviving these moments.

We are confident that whoever is holding you also has a family and that they know what we are going through and will know to keep you healthy and safe.

Love you and support you,

Mom and dad


  1. For the Shalit’s; Mom,Dad and Gilad,

    Prayers for you are in the hearts of so many, of all peoples.

  2. To Gilad’s parents and family,its easy to say
    be strong, but as there are no other words to
    say it,Donot loose your positive hopes,things
    will eventually come right.

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