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Israel’s “Summer Rain” military operation into Gaza, as well as into Ramallah’s P.A. Administration offices, has all the makings of a story in which the Palestinian narrator is telling his audience: “Folks regarding this situation, I’ve got good news and bad news. First the good news (for some Palestinians, anyway): for the moment, anyway, Israeli P.M. Olmert has decided not to send his army into Northern Gaza, including Gaza City, of course. Now, the bad news: the Israeli military is still pounding the hell out of much of Gaza; by land, sea, and air. In other words, don’t go to the beach, the souk, to school (if still even in session), or anywhere else during this time.” The announcer forgot to mention about going out of one’s house or even staying in one’s house, for that matter.

In other words, things aren’t going so well for the people of Palestine, especially since more than 70 of their government and legal officials are now ‘guests’ of the Israeli military, including that guy with a (dyed) red beard who is often characterized on the comic news spoof show “Eretz Nehedert” (lovely land). Of course, all this didn’t had to happen if the P.A. hadn’t decided to do the things they have done since becoming the new landlords in their territory following their sweeping electoral victory – brought about largely because most Palestinians were tired of being ‘ripped off’ by the Fatah-led previous government headed by Mahmoud Abbas, and his predecessor, good old Yassir Arafat who is now most likely watching this entire tragedy from his seat in Paradise). Arafat’s widow, Sulha, is safely situated far away in Gay Paree’ still trying to keep Ismail Haninya and his Hamasnicks from getting to all those millions her dear husband thoughtfully squirreled away for her.

After shooting more than 130 Kassam home-made scud missiles at Israel, several terror attacks, and now the kidnapping incidents, which has left one young Israeli youth dead and another held captive in an unknown location, Israeli authorities finally decided it was time to ‘rock and roll’. The outside world, especially the Arab and Islamic world, isn’t too happy about these latest developments which further show them that those “Zionests” know how to play ‘hard’ ball big-time when pressed to do so.

The big question now is how far this thing has to go; before both sides decide that it might be a good idea start talking to each other, and work something out before things really get out of hand and others get drawn into the melee as well. By “others” I’m sure it’s not difficult to figure out who they are. Now that Israel has done a bit of “kidnapping” of its own, the ones holding the young soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, might best decide to let him go, if they want to get half of their governmental representatives back anytime soon.

Another thing the Palestinians should well consider is that if they ever want to have their own state, they better start reacting responsively enough to merit having one. At this point in time, is doesn’t appear that they do; even if they aren’t involved in such activities like shooting missiles like (historic German Scientist) Verner Von Braun used to fire off when he was a lad; and trying to pull off acts of terror against Israelis. Palestinians still verbally advocate Israel’s destruction, which is main reason for all of their actions in the first place. Who knows? Changing their act might even bring them a bit of Good News for change.

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  1. I don’t think they quite understand the consequences of the claim to authority to rule in God’s stead. At the end of the day, we all must realize who it is that always has and always will have sovereign rule.
    Blessed be His Name!

    It’s as simple as the equation to make this post, 1 + 0 = 1

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