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Gay couple will represent Israel in Olympic Ballroom Dancing

Gur and Dan Gur Rosen (38) and Dan Almagor (29), two gay men from Tel Aviv, are currently training towards the upcoming Out Games: the Gay and Lesbian Olympics to take place in Montreal, Canada in July 2006.

It took Gur (content manager in a cellular company) and Dan (student of design working in computers) less than a year to reach a competitive level in the discipline of Dancesport in which thousands of participants from around the world will be competing. They are the first couple to represent Israel in this discipline in an Olympic event.

Dancesport has been recently recognized as an Olympic sport and will be part of the 2008 Olympic Games. The Out Games were recognized as an official sport competition by the Olympic committee therefore, a record accomplished there is considered a world record.

This pair of good friends has already invested thousands of dollars of their own money for funding of private lessons, costumes and registration fees. They are proud to invest their whole in representing their homeland.

Alas, they have not been able to find sponsors that are willing to finance this last leg of their race to bring home an Olympic medal.

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  1. Just to inform your readers that we just won a GOLD MEDAL in that competition!!!

    Kisses from Canada, coming home with the medal soon.

    Gur And Dan

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