The Israeli Federation for Music Rights filed a lawsuit last week against channel Music 24, the Israeli music channel. The claim is the channel has violated the copyrights of the musicians it is broadcasting and would not sign an agreement in the matter with the federation. The federation claims for two million Shekels compensation, which they explain as 20,000 per violation. They also want the court to issue a cease and assist order against the channel.

Music 24’s spokesman said in response “As usual the federation acts in an aggressive manner, and chooses to file a law suit in midst of a negotiation which is taking place between us. The federation which is supposed to represent the musicians and labels in Israel, ignores the way the importance and contribution of the music channel to artists and labels in Israel”.

One can not disagree that the federation is acting in an irrational and even down right stupid manner. It seems that the fight is over the prestige of the federation rather then artist’s copyright. As it is, the music channel has made a large contribution to many artists’ careers. Its success (surprising success one might add, as nearly everyone predicted its failure prior to its launching) is to many the success of Israeli music.

What the Federation is trying to achieve with this lawsuit is the destruction of the channel, or at the very least to incapacitate it. Either way the result would be much worse for the artists the channel services. The same artists the federation is supposed to protect. The people working for the channel will find other jobs should and would it collapse, they are well known figures in the music industry and in the media. But we don’t have another music channel. So from the illustrious Federation we can only ask, stop fighting your fights for honor on our backs and fight for the music for a change.