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More Casualties of War

Two brothers, three years old Rabia and seven years old Mahmud Talusi, were killed yesterday in Nazareth when a Katyusha rocket hit them directly. The brothers were just coming back from a football game with their elder brother when the rockets fell. “Suddenly I heard a big blast and that was it. My brothers were dead and I was taken to the hospital”, recollected the brother who survived. “My brothers are Shahids (martyrs). They were little children who haven’t seen anything yet so they are in heaven.”

The residents of the neighborhood that was hit expressed their disgruntle from the situation. Most of the residents in Nazareth are Arabs, both Christians and Muslims, and the residents complain about the lack of security awareness in their towns and villages. “We don’t have anywhere to go to, we don’t even have shelters. The Jews have alarms and secured rooms and all we have is poverty and unemployment.”

Another resident said “We don’t have shelters and I have little children. There’s no different between an Arab and a Jew. We are not made for war and don’t care about Hezbollah, we are Israeli citizens and deserved to be protected.”
Some of the neighborhood kids witness the death of the two brothers, and told the press about “seeing two burned children lying in the streets”. Following the incident, many families in Nazareth have decide to move to Tel-Aviv and other cities in the central area, until the danger has passed.

Two IDF soldiers were killed yesterday during an operation across the border. Nine others are injured.
The Israeli air force bombed last night a Hezbollah command building in Lebanon with more then twenty tons of rockets. The attack took place after intelligence information was gathered, suggesting that many of Hezbollah’s high ranks were in that building at the time, possibly Hasan Nasralla himself. The place was leveled but there’s still no information regarding the fate of the people who populated it. Hezbollah
immediately issued a statement saying that none were hurt, but since the organization has a policy of covering up his injured and casualties, only time will tell.


  1. Maurice Picow

    July 21, 2006 at 1:23 pm

    Read my soon to be posted article about a young man named Andre, also an unfortunate victim of these attacks. I mentioned the two young Nazarith children’s deaths as well.

    We all must keep a ‘stiff upper lip’ like the Brits did during the bombings in London in WWII.
    That’s what we can do to show our enemies we will prevail!

  2. Not me. Being the emotional type, I’m going to cry, really really hard. And then, I’m going to sing really really loud. And then, exhausted, I’m going to pray (just be, and let my intercessor take over).

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