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A guide to handling bleeding hearts

This is a guide that was sent to me today. This is a step by step program that helps to deal with these people who believe that the army is over reacting and overly aggressive in its reaction to the situation in Lebanon. These would be the resident bleeding hearts that feel that what we are doing is violent and senseless.

Step 1: Get into the conversation and ask whether he feels that a military solution is acceptable.
Step 2: When the response is a resounding “No”, ask why not.
Step 3: Wait until he gets to the part “it just leads to further violence and the killing of innocent people…..”
Step 4: While he is in mid sentence, slap him hard on the face.
Step 5: When he tries to hit you back, bring his attention to the fact “that this is against his principles and that this reaction is dangerous and can lead to an escalation in violence”.
Step 6: Wait until he agrees to your explanation and promise to stop hitting him.
Step 7: Ask him another question and again hit him, but much harder this time.
Step 8: Repeat steps 5 to 8 until he realizes that sometimes you need to fight back.


  1. That might work if he’s not carrying a piece (gun).

  2. Now that is funny! So funny in fact I am posting it on my blog.

  3. Oops I should note in my last comment I gave the wrong blog address that I am cross posting on.

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