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Coffee Anan

You gotta love it !!

Coffee Annan


  1. I am very, but very proud of him, for the first time in my life.

  2. wonderful. i’m glad someone else finally realizes the truth about this anti-semite. i wish this was high-resolution – if it could resolve to 20×30 i’d have walmart make a poster and put it on my wall.

  3. Its about time these creep arab-lover got lost!
    don’t forget there are many arab countries in
    the U.N and they voted for him twice to his job.

  4. What an awesome find! It is amazing that Western diplomats are so concerned about being politically correct that Annan is not bashed publicly.

  5. I don’t think Mr. Annan is very realistic about what is going on in Lebanon (and the rest of “Jihadland” as well).

    The Hezbollah are still there, and neither the UNIFIL forces nor the ‘Lebanese Army’ will slow Narsrallah and Co. down. By the way, has anyone noticed that a lot of the guys in the Lebanese Army appear to be over 30? Where are the younger men? In Hezbollah, that’s where!

    First thing that popped into my mind when I saw it.
    Great fun with a bitter note.

  7. When are you people going to see the folly of your racist ways? Until you deal with the apartheid premise that the state of Israel is built upon and start respecting your neighbors then you are doomed. Alternatively why don’t you sod off back to Golders Green or Florida (or wherever you have your second homes) and live like normal people?

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