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Our Three Stooges?

Ehud Olmert

Amir Peretz

Dan Halutz

They sit and stand in the park across from the Knesset; the words on their signs, in several languages, and evident to all: Olmert, Peretz, Halutz – Go Home! As the momentum builds and more and more people are now coming to the forefront, including even Yom Kippur and Six Day War Veterans, the message they are trying to convey is being displayed by news media all over the world.

The three personalities noted on the signs, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, must be having a lot of sleepless nights regarding the uncomfortable positions they now find themselves in: Olmert for his weakness and indecisiveness; Peretz for gross inexperience and being put into a position he had absolutely no qualifications for; and Halutz for his arrogance and egocentrics. Their roles during the 34 day war against both the Hezbollah and Palestinians might be comparable to the antics of a popular American comedy team, The Three Stooges, who entertained movie audiences from the late 1930’s to early 1950’s.

For our purposes, we might compare Ehud to Mo, the leader of the group, Dan to Larry, who always tried to be aloof from the others, and Amir to Curley, the simpleton who always got hit on the head by the other two. A possible beginning war scenario involving this new ‘comedy team’ might have gone like this:

Mo: Hey, we’re being attacked by ‘Hummus-Grubber’ (Narsrallah)! The people want action! What should we do?

Larry: I think we need to attack them ‘big-time’! Like, send them all back to the Stone Age (actually said by Halutz)! What do you think, Curley?

Curley (Remember, he’s the simpleton of the three) yelling into his bullhorn: Yeah, yeah yeah! Woo woo woo Woo woo!

And with that last remark, the other two proceed to hit poor Curley on the head – as the Stooges used to do!

As the war progresses, the ‘Three Stooges’ might even be seen hitting each other with sticks as they blame one another for the mistakes that occur.

And what about all the people who suffered physical injury and property damage during the war? They now sit for hours in the reception rooms of the Property Tax Authorities, in order to present their claims for eventual compensation. Their wait for their number to be called has been so long that many of them either gives up or find that the tax office personnel have gone home for the day before they have to chance to talk to anyone.

Well, the Three Stooges’ have an answer for them as well: “Don’t worry it’ll turn out all right”! With that remark, and for everyone’s sake, let’s certainly hope so!

(Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia.)


  1. The Three Stooges? I remember them.

    These new ‘stooges’ fit right in!

  2. A very thoughtful discussion that posits the idea that Olmert followed the best strategy available can be found at:

  3. When are you people going to see the folly of your racist ways? Until you deal with the apartheid premise that the state of Israel is built upon and start respecting your neighbors then you are doomed. Alternatively why don’t you sod off back to Golders Green or Florida (or wherever you have your second homes) and live like normal people?

  4. Err Kieran you sound like a
    R – A – C – I – S – T
    Did I spell it to fast for you?

    Anyway ignoring Flaming, and back to intelligent discussion…

    I say burn the Knesset down, burn all the stored grain and….

    I actually disagree with this politically motivated witch hunt.

    If you want the I.D.F. to be empowered Olmert has chosen the right way to get to these issues.

    The Real Three Stooges are..

  5. It now appears that ‘Curley Joe’ Peretz is trying to distance himself from the other two. Maybe he’s not so stupid after all!

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