Ron Arad Video InterviewChannel 10 News in Israel has acquired the full rights to broadcast the video featuring Ron Arad, the Israeli flight navigator who was captured in 1986.

Although initially the family, press and the Israeli government had reservations as to the authenticity of the film, it is now believed to be authentic and is estimated to have been produced in 1988.

The video will be included as part of a two night mini series that will also include excerpts from an interview in captivity with Elhanan Tenenbaum, the Israeli businessman who was abducted in Dubai in 2000 as well as photographs of the three soldiers kidnapped on “Har Dov” near Lebanon in 2000.

The mini series will be shown today and tomorrow simultaneously with the screening of the series in Lebanon by LBC, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (The original broadcast rights holder).

(Photograph courtesy of Channel 10)