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Sexual Misconduct Hits the Jet Set

Sexual Misconduct Hits the Jet SetNot only major political figures like Israel President Moshe Katzav and (former) Justice Minister Haim Ramon are in the limelight regarding sexual misconduct and harassment these days. Ofer Glazer, husband to billionaire heiress Sheri Arison, is now headed to jail after being convicted on several accounts of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment.

Glazer’s problems including his trying to become ‘more than friendly’ with a young female nurse hired by Ms. Arison, and that he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself. The young woman finally blew the whistle on Ofer after his repeated attempts to seduce her, including occasions at the Arison mansion in Savion, and even while traveling in their car. Glazer finally lost his appeal to his conviction, and now is scheduled to begin a six month prison term in October; a period shortened from the original 18 months.

The marriage of Gazer to Ms. Arison a few years back (July 2003) created quite a stir in the Israeli media, especially the tabloids. Shari, heiress to the fortune amassed by her late father, Ted Arison, and Mr. Glazer, who had a reputation of being a bit of a womanizer, were shown together frequently abroad her yacht on which they honeymooned off the coast of Italy. Afterwards, they went to Miami, where Ms. Arison has a large penthouse apartment. Ofer’s sexual problems began to surface while they were abroad, and became public knowledge upon their return to Israel about a year ago. The allegations of sexual harassment resulted when the victim decided that ‘enough was enough’, and filed a complaint against him.

Ms. Arson’s reactions to this sordid affair have been muted at best; with all efforts being made to keep her profile as low as possible, in light of her position in the companies she is officially Chairperson of; including Bank Hapoalim. His reported comments toward to young woman, including those such as “Can I begin (a relationship) with you?” or “I want to drink a little milk from…..” referring to a certain part of her anatomy, didn’t help his case; and became even more embarrassing for Shari.

Glazer still hasn’t given up his attempt to delay his incarceration, however, and now plans to launch another appeal in the Israel Supreme Court. With his mid-October date with a jail cell just a month away, however, the question is whether Glazer’s legal counsel can prevent his client from being locked up. The young woman plaintiff, against whom Glazer made his overtures, was reported to comment that Ofer is getting his just deserts, even if the length of his sentence was reduced.

If Ofer isn’t successful in his appeal to the High Court, then he may find out, the hard way, what the term “Sexual Harassment” really means when he enters the confines of Ayalon Prison.


  1. Yes indeed! The prison community, no matter whether it
    is in Israel or elsewhere, has their own set of morality
    rules, including “welcoming” a new ‘fish’ into their
    midsts; as Ofer will soon find out.

  2. nice,ed. A married guy makes a few passes at a sweetie, is railroaded because of his position, and you take joy in what you think will be his humiliation. You’re sure a heck of a guy..

    In point of fact, this gentleman (presuming his legal appeal is not accepted)should not have a problem. An old friend of mine who served time told me I’d have no problem of the sort you’re referencing in prison, as I was “too old, way too mean, and nowhere near pretty enough”.

    A few months of personal training in Krav Maga (which he can afford)should help him in the “mean-ness” category if he lacks that in his background.

    Sorry to disappoint you.

  3. USA Steve,

    Sure, lots guys make passes at sweeties. But not all of them are
    married to gals worth a billion bucks either. Especially when
    she’s buying the groceries! You and I should be so lucky.

    On the other hand, Kobi Bryant bought his wife a 4 million dollar
    rock when his ’embarrasing moment’ hit the press – and Jay Leno’s script writers! In Kobis case, however, HE is buying the groceries.

    A bit different, no?

  4. Ingratitude and bad judgement involving a “victimless crime” is neither a hanging offense, nor one requiring jail time. And are you cheering Kobi on forbeing able to buy off his wife? Moreover, Kobi was accused of a rape,which is sort of a big deal and a REAL crime; this poor guy just suggested he and the nursie-girl could make beautiful music together,and a reputation-hunting DA and you want him in The Big House. You’re both great and understanding guys, for sure.

    My point was that if does got to the Slammer,it won’t be the way you think it will.And that he shouldn’t go at all.

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