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Float Like a Butterfly

Float Like a ButterflyHas anyone ever thought that the butterflies in Israel could be in extermination danger? Apparently they are. According to an article published yesterday in “Ha’Aretz” daily newspaper there are about 150 different species of butterflies living in Israel. They are mainly active during spring and fall. But as a result of uncontrolled expansion of construction projects, environmental pollution and illegal capturing of butterflies, at least four species of butterflies are in extreme danger and some have already been extinct. The members of “the Israeli Association of Butterflies’ Fans” decided to conduct public campaigns to save those delicate creatures. Their two main and urgent goals are to protect several natural butterflies’ habitats and to declare 14 species as protected. What else needs to happen to make us realize that we are ruining the very place we are living in?

Butterflies Visit Tel Aviv:

A butterfly farm was opened few years ago in the Hulah Valley and was supposed to attract many visitors during the summer. During the war up north, there were no visitors in the farm. Amir Bramli, the farm’s owner, says that the animals were suffering from the noise of the bombing and the farm was at the risk of shutting down. In cooperation with the Azrieli group, all the butterflies were transferred to the rooftop of Azrieli Center Towers. Now, you can come and visit, walk thru the colorful butterflies and enjoy the view. Maybe that will help to increase the awareness to these beautiful creatures!

The exhibition is open all week long, 9:30-17:00, until the end of October. Entrance fee: 15 shekels.

(Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia)


  1. Reminds me of that song about Mohammad Ali
    ” he floats like a butterfly and stings like a

  2. hello,
    I was wondering, how can I buy some butterflies from your farm?
    how much does it cost?
    and can you delever it to Ramallah

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