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Head OutToday, I decided to focus on recommendations for people who want to get out of their house and explore beautiful country sites and events in Israel.

1. Honey festival – What’s a better time to go to a honey festival than on Rosh Hashanah? 20 apiaries from all over Israel are opening their gates and allowing the public to visit and explore the marvel world of bees. There is a wide variety of activities, from guided tours to creative work shops. The festival takes place during Rosh Hashanah weekend.

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2. The Bahai gardens – In Haifa, on the steep slopes of Mount Carmel spread the colorful Bahai gardens. With its symmetric shapes, blossoming flowers and spectacular view, it’s one of my personal favorites. The Bahai gardens in Akko are a great option for those of you that prefer leveled surface and more peaceful surroundings.

The visit in the Haifa gardens is only with a guide and has to be coordinated in advance. Both places are free of charge. Haifa 04-8313131, Akko 048358348.

3. Achziv Beach – This is the time to catch some last summer rays and enjoy the nice beaches our country has to offer. A jump to the beach is always refreshing and relaxing like no other activity. Achziv beach is one of prettiest beaches in Israel. It was rather lonely during war time, so come cheer it up!

But actually it doesn’t matter what you chose to do. Our small country is filled with amazing things where ever you go. So grab a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water and head out.

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  1. That’s the spirit! Enjoy. God Bless – Love to Israel!

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