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CPUThere are currently 6 open windows on my computer. I write this now using one program, chat a bit with a friend or two on another, hum the tune that’s playing on my Media Player (whose lyrics I meanwhile look up in another window) (and yet another window opens – damned pop-ups!). Nice song, that one. But rather slow. Next! C’mon, c’mon… Gimme sth fast, sth cool, coz it’s a brand new high-speed world we live in.

Have you sometimes wondered what it’s going to be like in, say, ten years from now? What am I talking about… in less than five years the whole world can change at the current speedy rate of technological advances. And I’m not even talking about major revolutions or strange new worlds and new civilizations.

Just think of the way everything in this world has become much faster, much more multifaceted. Remember we used to follow the little blue squares of the “Downloading Files” window? Now we’re all multi-tasking, quickly switching between windows, languages, even moods and identities, if to think of the great wonders of the World Wide Web just at the tips of our quick fingers.

And what’s the future of music? How many loved oldies survive these days only thanks to new covers and renditions that speed them up and add background sounds and other instruments? How much patience do you have for slow, meditative songs or melodies, or the famous 70’s 13-mintues guitar solos? Try listening to old radio or TV shows and see how s-l-o-w-l-y they used to speak, and how little patience you have for them to finish the sentence.

We want it all – and we want it NOW. It’s natural, sure, not saying it isn’t. But, it’s pretty hard to imagine how faster music can go from the already high point of 300 bpm (and how many speedcore fans do we have here in the audience tonight?).

Boy that was long. You still there? Thought you wouldn’t find the time/patience to read it through thru.

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  1. Classical panio or violin in a warm candle lit roman tub with sweet smelling bubbles has a nice balancing effect, try it.

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