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Drunk Driver Kills Family of 3

Deaths on the road since the beginning of the year This past Saturday evening, Ehud Cadur, a 45 year old man from Herzeliya, tried to overtake a vehicle on road 65, which leads to the city of Afula, despite the oncoming traffic. He collided with the Hadad family’s car head on at full speed. A few seconds later a car following the Hadad family car slammed into them from behind. As a result, Mordechai Hadad and his wife Mira, both age 52, their son Ariel, 18, were killed instantly and their daughter was seriousely injured. Cadur suffered from light head injuries. He was driving a custom 7 series BMW that was one of its kind in Israel.

During investigations, police found out that Cadur has 63 prior convictions for traffic violations and drug felonies. Moreover, he refused to provide a blood sample to determine whether he was driving intoxicated. The Nazareth Magistrate’s Court extended his remand by eight days.

3,000 mourners attended the Hadad funerals that were held in their home town of Tzfat (Safed) on Sunday afternoon. Mordechai Hadad chaired the local Shas branch and was a member in the city council on behalf of the party. He also served as spokesman of the regional council Marom Ha’galil and as the chairman of the city’s Ultra-Orthodox education system. Between the years 1998-2003, he was deputy mayor of Tzfat. Mira Hadad worked as an educator in Tzfat and was known for her genteelness. The couple was survived by four other children.

A deep mourning descended on the city as a result of the family tragedy. Events that were planned to take place during Sukkot holiday were delayed or canceled.

It amazes me every time how in one instant peoples’ lives can change forever. The person driving behind the wheel has so much responsibility laying on his shoulders, but some how we don’t take driving that seriously. So far this year we have lost 330 people this year and by the end of the week this number will be outdated…


  1. This tragedy is really very sad,it looks like the result of
    neglegence by the government for not fighting traffic violations
    more seriously,not enforcing the laws like they should be,
    and the fault of traffic courts judges for not giving much
    stiffer sentences to repeat violators,a great pity.

  2. What an awful loss to the community. My prayers are with the children and all who are mourning this event.

    “HaShem is their strength, and He is the saving strength of His anointed.” Tehilim [Psalm] 28:8

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