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Pandora’s Jukebox

Just found the coolest thing on the net. It’s so fun to just roam about and strike gold, especially with all the rubbish that’s out there. Just thought I should FW it to you guys, you might want to check it out yourselves.

I love listening to music, of all sorts, and pretty much open to new suggestions. The only problem is that sometimes I feel like listening to something new and exciting, but don’t exactly where to look for it.

I’m not sure I trust the critics’ recommendations so much that I would buy music they happen to like with me hard-earned money without trying to listen to it first. The thing is, I hate to download music illegally, even as easy as it’s become, and especially when it comes to the Israeli music industry, which I think most Israelis want to support (and know it needs their support, unlike the successful international artists that get all the way to Israel).

But what exactly am I looking for? We all have our 4-5 favorite artists/bands whose songs we know by heart (and smile stupidly whenever they’re played on the radio without warning). What makes us like them better than others? Could there be something in common – something distinctive about a person’s taste in music, which all their favorite artists share?

That’s exactly what the people in Pandora aim at: “Can you help me discover more music that I’ll like?” This user-friendly, interactive site hosts a considerable collection of songs in different genres, sorted by their different characteristics. By initially feeding in your favorite artist(s), the database plays songs you’re more likely to like, and by continually giving feedback by grading the songs offered with “thumbs-up”/”thumbs-down” until, you create your own personalized jukebox.

I still can’t believe how many great bands I’ve overlooked all these years. I just wish there’ll be something similar for Israeli music, as well. Meanwhile I use Mooma (in Hebrew only), which helps me to listen to music samples from new and old Israeli artists. Where have I been all this time, really?

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  1. Thanks for this Yaara!!! I so Love music too; it reaches places in the heart words simply cannot touch. Now all I have to do is get with some Hebrew friends for help with the menu. What a jewel!

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