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War! No More

War No More!
This last summer I went to a rock concert in Poland (got there with a German train, how creepy is that?). The opening act was trying to warm up the rain-splattered audience, and the front man began shouting, for no apparent reason, “No more war!” The Polish guitarist in the band was asked to translate this phrase into his mother tongue, and the singer began to happily chant the line, only in a somewhat shortened version, omitting its first part… WAR!!! The crowd went berserk.

It was definitely not the first time I’d heard this word combination. Being an Israeli, it’s all too familiar, and I must admit – even a bit sickening. Now that this issue is less explosive, that almost all our soldiers are back from Lebanon, that there’s peace in the Middle East (ha, you’d wish!)… anyway, I think that now, along with the different committees investigating into the recent war and the renewal of enthusiastic calls for peace, we should pause and look around us with eyes open wide, with optimistic naïveté, as appealing as it may be, left aside – at least for a moment or two.

Without getting into the specifics of the recent war in our area, or of any other war, and without even trying to find the justifications for it or to refute any suggested, something that strikes me about anti-war lobbying is the blindness of self-proclaimed pacifists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not promoting war, hatred or violence, being personally unable to kill a fly, really. I’m just saying: enough with those empty declarations. Shouting “No to war – Yes to peace” has absolutely no meaning in the real world, where innocent people are being killed, where innocent young children are raised in hatred and trained to sacrifice themselves for something they don’t fully understand, if at all.

Let’s try these first: FIGHT ignorance, STOP brainwash, BATTLE against hatred. On both sides, sure. Everywhere.

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  1. I really have nothing against those “beautiful souls” who demonstrate
    with their placards calling for peace and against war,the trouble is
    that their calls are not being listened to in a world full of conflicts and hatred,they are naive indeed,they should direct their
    efforts to help feed and cure the poor in the world instead.

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