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Alice in Job Hunt Land (Part 5)

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Alice in Job Hunt Land
(Photograph: Mark Seliger)

Wanted: young woman (that’s me), nice-looking (I’d like to think so), liberal (sure, but…?), for 2 hours’ work, 4 times a week. Job description: sex. Oh my.

I’m looking on-line for job openings and keep seeing these interesting ads. It makes me wonder about the lonely, potentially insane, people out there. But it also makes me wonder about professions and about working life in general. How does one choose his profession, or perhaps – how does one find himself in a certain profession? And what is the criterion for a profession to be deemed prestigious?

Having Jewish moms or not, we’re not all lawyers and physicians. Nor do we all want to be. Never mind the fact that although people in both professions can become extremely successful in these trades, a lot of others find themselves unemployed or barely making a living. But now I’m just thinking of the interesting combination of natural inclination and aptitude that leads us to our career choices. IQ level is definitely another important factor, or perhaps even a necessary qualification, as are self-confidence and the possession of some “hutzpe.” And we should not forget good connections with the right people, of course.
But, back to natural inclination. Let’s say that a person who’s good at figures would ideally use this talent and work in a finance/business-related profession; a man of words – in writing, editing, PR, etc.; a technical know-how – computers, industry, manual crafts. What about a person whose natural gift lies in their genes, literally? I just wonder why models are much less valued than, for example, business managers. They may lead a more glamorous lives and get a lot of attention, but they are not valued and end up only envied or coveted.

It’s a cheap trick, I know, the way I’m leading you on in this direction, but, the lines between good and bad, decent and indecent are so blurry… In any case, here’s my real question: what about the “old trade,” or even surrogate treatments? How different is using your body and natural gifts to help and please others, from using your mind and soul to that same end, when, say, editing other people’s writing, or analyzing their dreams and fantasies?

Hmm. Next on “Alice in…”: does unemployment contribute to mental instability?

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  1. Dear ‘Alice’,

    Modonna got to where she is, partially beause of what
    she was willing to do to get there.

    Sex definitley does “sell”. The question is, who’s

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