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Attacked Park Ranger Israel (Hat Tip: Nature & National Parks Protection Authority)

Upper Galilee Head park officer Offer Yaacov of the Nature & National Parks Protection Authority could feel something was wrong. With his men he traced down a dubious group of people, suspecting them for performing illegal porcupine hunt. When Yaacov succeeded to block the suspects’ car, one of the (alleged) hunters approached him and hit him in the head with a bludgeon. Sometime during the confrontation Yaacov’s gun fell down. The hunter did not think twice – he reached down to it, held the gun to the park officer’s head and said: “You’d better get your car off the road.” The young hunter and his two companions left with Yaacov’s gun, and although they were arrested by the police that chased them down, they were released that very night to a partial house arrest.

It didn’t take long before Yaacov got a phone call from the audacious hunter, who threatened him to keep silent, “I know who you are and where you live.” Yaacov too knew the person on the other side of the line: the son of a herdsman whom Yaacov had given professional advice.

Apparently this is not the first case of violence manifested against nature reserves officers – lawbreakers have tried to fend off officers on duty by drowning them, running them over and hurling bricks at them. These are not just porcupine or partridge hunters (recently labeled as protected animal in Israel), but also local villagers who run their illegal businesses on the account of the country’s natural resources – selling dug earth, cutting down trees, polluting, you just name it.

The park officers, who are well aware of the dangers of their occupation, feel discriminated; “but what if a gun was pointed at some cop’s head, would they still release the offender the same night?”

It’s about time that criminals in Israel – of all stripes – get punished for their wrong-doings. No wonder they feel free to take the law (and the law-keeper ‘s gun) into their hands. There’s no other way out – but to fight fire with fire!


  1. In Florida, use of a gun during any crime will bring 3 (minium MANDATORY)to 10 years in jail. The case your describing above, most likely 7-10. And if I’m not mistaken, there is a “cooling off” period where they are held 3 days before release to any bond/house arrest pending trial.

  2. Only goes to show absolute disdain for the law in this
    country – espcially by some segments of the population.

    Regarding hunting; there are many hunters who are very
    interested in abiding the wildlife conservation laws, as
    this assures them the ability to enjoy their aport.
    Others, particularly elements of the country’s Arab and
    Druze population who regard hunting as a right of Manhood, no
    matter what the consequenses. Some indigenous wildlife
    species, including Partridges and hares are even fast
    becomming endangered due to hunting abuses and by
    illegal hunting by imported Thai and other agricultural
    workers. Gamewardens need to to have more legal powers to
    deal with lawbreakers. Thier job is no less dangerous
    than border policemen as they often have to deal with
    people who are better armed than they are.

  3. This incident goes to show us that until law and order will be
    established in Israel( which unfortunately still is’nt),incidents
    like this and many many even worse incidents will continue,
    I believe all policemen,judges and politicians must first learn
    to respect the law and enforce the law without any discounts!
    only then Israel will become a real country like many of the
    civilized countries.

  4. Hey Jack,

    Where you from, boy? The U.S?

    Is law an order over there any better, especially after
    so many shooting incidents?

    Many places in America still seem like the Wild West, withg guns
    available to just about anyone – even semi-autos like

    A lot of hunting violations happen there too, especially
    during Hunting Season. Ask Dick Cheny!

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