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Can a Rabbi Say God is Dead as a joke?

Rabbi Marc GellmanI was sent this article from Newsweek, written by Rabbi Marc Gellman and the first sentence I read was this:

The arrival of the World Series this year convinced me that God is dead (proof: the Mets are gone) and that God is not dead (proof: the Yankees are also gone).

So I went to his bio page and this is what it said:

Gellman holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Northwestern University. He was ordained by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and is the senior rabbi of Temple Beth Torah in Melville, New York. Gellman is a past President of the New York Board of Rabbis.

That’s it really… I know its a joke and I read the article but just thought it was interesting to hear a Rabbi say god is dead even in jest. I guess its a cultural think, its just that when I think Rabbi I think of someone like this….
Ovadia Yosef

(Hat Tip: Manu)


  1. I prefer Gellman over the second option….

  2. What Ed Gordon said …

    When I see option 2, I think of, oh, Ayatollah Khomeini, or someone of that ilk …

  3. Fortunately, Jews are more willing to question things, rather than be
    blindly led as followers of those ayotollahs seem to be. Otherwise,
    ‘Option 2’ might very well be the norm.

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