Gilad Segev
The promising Israeli singer Gilad Segev began his musical career about a decade ago, but hit the charts only two years ago in 2004 with a song he wrote about his elder brother, Sharon, who got killed during his army service. The song, Ahshav Tov (“it’s ok now”), especially with the moving story behind it, touched a lot of hearts and got the talented young artist the attention he deserved.

Segev has now a new single out, off his second album, and about to air a new video clip. There are currently three different endings to the story in the video, all three crazy-sexy-sharp (and to my opinion not really suitable for the romantic song and Segev’s gentle voice, but what do I know about these things).

So, how will the story end? Influence the decision – vote now! (the site’s in Hebrew, but don’t freak out, it’s pretty self-explanatory).

Another heartbreaking song about the sad loss of a brother to the military conflict in our area is Million Kohavim (“million stars”) by Amit Farkash, sister of late Tom Farkash. Farkash, an Air Force pilot, was killed in the Apache helicopter crash July this year. The song was written by his close friend Yiftach Krazner and composed by his sister Amit, on the night the sad news were announced to the alarmed family. I don’t think there could be a person who would not be moved by the beautiful melody, her touching voice and the words with which the loving sister ends her song to her brother, “Bye, Tom.”