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Moron Caught Doing 204 KM/Hour

Death Toll on the Roads IsraelThis is another story about the serial killers we have on the roads lately. This 20+ driver was caught driving his BMW (apparently the weapon of choice for reckless drivers) on the new Toll Highway 6 at 204 KM/Hour (close to 130 MPH). The driver from Dimona was stopped by police and was found to have 19 previous traffic convictions.

Drivers that noticed the car called from cell phones to police and reported the reckless driver driving violently at great speeds. The driver had his own version of course, he said there was no way he could have gone this fast. His license was taken from him and he is going before the court soon.

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  1. If only the court will give him the toughest sentence for his
    reckless driving, the trouble is the courts in Israel,have never
    punished such drivers with a fitting punishment, look what sentence
    was handed to that lawyer for his reckless driving & killing
    with his similar long record!!!

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