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Train Execs to Stand Trial for Negligence

Train Accident The police have been taking some steps forward in the case against the Israel Train executives. The train accident in Beit Yehusha last year killed 5 and injured 7 passengers. The police has been questioning over 100 train employees. It now believes there is substantial evidence to file charges of death by negligence against several key executives. Train CEO was called into questioning and it is suspected that his negligence was a factor in the accident.

The police reported that 2 days after the accident at the railway intersection a Rader device was installed that should have been there earlier and wasn’t. They suggest that if the device was there prior to the accident it may have been avoided.

This is first case where the police go after the executives. In past cases the charges were brought up against the train operators in the field and not the executive level.


  1. I ride the train here several times a week. Now at every level crossing there is a person – a real live person – to make sure that there aren’t any objects in the way

  2. I also ride the rails. But what about that Bozo who left his
    truck parked on the tracks – which caused this tragedy to happen.
    I was on my way to the Beit Yehosua station that day to take
    the train to TLV. All the emergency vehicles passed me on tier
    way to the scene of the accident. Then when they had evehything blocked off, I knew something was amiss.

    It’s a matter of fate – and timing!

  3. Its about time they should make some order in this important way
    of transportation,too many things are wrong in the way the trains
    are run,rules and regulations are ignored, safety is neglected
    just like in a third world country,I hope the situation will
    finaly improve.

  4. It’s NOT like a Third World country. At least people
    don’t have to ride on the roof or on the side of the
    carriages. And where is that quaint guy coming up to the
    passengers to sell ‘salab’ or ‘shai masila’ (aeromatinc
    tea with milk)?

    India and Egypt have us beat for sure!

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