Bend it like.. So, has he started packing? You never can tell. For the relatively low amount of €7.5 million, three years after purchase at €35 million, FC Real Madrid is willing to say bye-bye to their famous number 23 Sir David Beckham. At the same time, elsewhere, German newspaper “Frankfurter Neue Presse” reports that the President of Maccabi Netanya Soccer Club, millionaire Daniel Jammer, seems to have a lot of faith in his team, but believes a help from one not-so-anonymous player might get it going even better.

Jammer admits he played with the idea and simply did not object when he was asked if he’d be willing to host the star on the Israeli team. Who wouldn’t? Meanwhile Maccabi Netanya players and followers enjoy a real good laugh, estimating that it might take the new player awhile to get things sorted out and he would have to seat on the bench at first.

Maccabi NetanyaThe people in the “Frankfurter” took the same news item much more seriously, as it appears. After really thinking it through they came up with interesting insights into the weighty reasons for which most celebrated football player Beckham would reject the offer to play for the Israeli team. First of all, Israel, as we all know, is a terror struck area. Beckham might also not be so tempted to play in the Israeli league for its mediocre level. And let us not forget Mrs. “Posh” Beckham, who would probably not be too enthusiastic as to getting herself and her three young children to leave their current home in Spain for Israel.

But, wait, what’s so bad about living in Netanya, Israel? Wasn’t it just last week that an Aussie tourist declared Netanya women the best looking women in the whole world?