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Two misguided IDF artillery shells, resulting in the deaths of 19 Palestinian civilians (many of them children) has again raised public outcry against Israel’s recent military operations in the Beit Haoun area of northern Gaza. Calling the occurrence a “technical failure”, Israeli P.M Ehud Olmert announced that he is “greatly disturbed” by this tragedy; and that he is willing to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “anywhere, anytime” to try to bring calm to a situation that has almost deteriorated to the point of no-return.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when Israeli artillery fire was supposedly directed at a location where Palestinian militants were hiding. These men were alleged to be responsible for a new wave of Kassam rocket attacks against Israeli towns and settlements located near the borders with Gaza, resulting in a new IDF incursion called Operation Fall Business. Palestinian fury was so rampant that Hamas and other Palestinian spokesmen referred to Israelis aa ‘animals’ and vowed to renew widespread suicide terror attacks not only against Israelis, but against Americans as well (due to America’s close alliance with Israel). “We shall erase Israel from the face of the earth” one Hamas spokesperson was quoted as saying. Several Palestinian militants were also killed in continued targeted assassinations, including many responsible for launching the home-made Kassams at towns such as Sderot in southern Israel.

Abbas has not yet responded to Olmert’s offer as his countrymen are not willing now to enter into any type of negations with their sworn enemies; and this includes deals to release prisoners. This incident brings to mind other incidents involving Israeli bombings in both Gaza and during the recent conflict in Lebanon, where the Israeli military has been blamed for the deaths of either Palestinian or Lebanese civilians. While these events are tragic enough, it should be noted that it has never been Israel’s deliberate intention to put civilians in harm’s way. The Palestinians’ castigating Israelis as ‘animals’ is a bit odd considering various acts they have been involved in against Israeli civilians; whether these acts have been on buses and other forms of public transport, in restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places; as well as during religious events such as Passover Seders. To denounce Israelis in this manner also fails to note events such as Palestinian shooting attacks on Jewish settlements, where women and children were shot to death at point-blank range; and numerous attacks on Israelis in automobiles, including the slaughter of an entire family, the Kutiels, less than three years back.

Abbas should be happy to meet with his Israeli counterpart. His Palestinian Authority is on the verge of disintegration, and the people are nearing starvation due to the P.A,’s ruined economy. The Israeli Prime Minister said that he has many proposals to present to Abbas concerning assistance to the Palestinians, as well as to putting an end to the cycle of violence that has spiraled out of control to the point that even the Palestinians are now fighting each other. Even Palestinian women are becoming more militant as they chant “martyrs by the millions – we are going to Al-Quds (Jerusalem)!”

With Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran watching these events with even more animosity, the main concern now is what will happen next.



  1. Oh the poor whining muslims in Palestine, so sad. Just asking but aren’t these the same people who have strapped bombs on their children and sent them in to die by having them blow themselves up amid crowds of young Israelis? They don’t care about their children. It’s just something for them to scream about. Remember the Arab family on the beach that got blown up and it was claimed an Israeli ship sent a stray shell? Then it turned out that the explosion was from one of the many Arab land mines that they never bothered to clean up. How about all the bomb-makers that blew themselves and their families to hell and gone and the Israelis were blamed for it? Never expect the truth from those people and never believe their claims. They practice a Stone Age doctrine of lies, murder and hate.

    What they need is about 100,000 more “technical failures”. Then maybe the Israelis can live in peace.

  2. Avigdor Lieberman and a few others have a “solution”
    for them.

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