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Live Prison Break in Tel Aviv

This is the real thing. A live prison break is going on right now in Tel Aviv. Benny Sela a serial rapist convicted on 14 counts of rape managed to escape Police while being taken to a hearing in a court that wasn’t even open today. The news channels are a buzz with the latest blunder by the Police department and it feels like you’re watching a bad chapter of Prison Break.

Benny Sela Serial Rapist Prison BreakThe prisoner was taken out this morning from a Prison facility with another inmate. Funnily (or maybe not) 2 cops came to pick up these 2 prisoners. Keep in mind that Benny Sela was a prisoner that had a High Flight Risk Classification and was expected to attempt a break. Of course the 2 cops that came to pick him up completely disregarded that fact and went ahead and picked him up. They also only used handcuffs and never used the leg irons which also made life a little easier (dumb and dumber ring a bell ??).

The prisoner waited for the first stop and while the first prisoner was taken in to the court he managed to climb a fence and disappear into the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

An eye witness later reported seeing a man get undressed and run off in a nearby side street. Police then found the Brown prison issue pants and it looks like the convict was prepared with a pair of Jeans under his clothing.
So far it looks like Sela faked the whole thing and really thought things out. The hearing document was fake. It also turns out that a strike in government offices prevented the Police from confirming the request for the hearing. So I guess when in doubt the Police would rather let the Prisoner go then hold them and wait for a confirmation. Interesting procedures..

The Police Commissioner (embarrassed as he should be) immediately announced an official inquiry into this screw up only to be completely overturned by the Minister of Internal Security who soon after announced an inquiry to supersede the chief’s inquiry. Even in times of mayhem and a major FUBAR event you can be sure that politics are alive and well. You see the Police Commissioner and Minister of Internal Security are not real friendly. I am sure this will be the ideal case to get them going again.

In any case the prisoner Sela was a notorious serial rapist and Police in large numbers are looking for him. People are asked to keep aware.
Stay tuned…

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  1. Like what happned when they were chasing O.J. Simpson:
    You can run, but you can’t hide

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