Benny Sela Search Photo by Niv Caldreon
The Police here is sweating. All day they have been chasing after the convict that escaped Friday and the thought that someone will be attacked by this serial rapist is scarring the hell out of them. Avi Dichter, Minister of Internal Security and boss of the Chief of Police (Karadi) is pissed as hell. He already made suggestions that this case will not be finished with the dismissal of some cronies but something that will demand the heads of some higher ups…

There is no great love between the Chief and Minister Diskin. The latter is a military man who was the head of the SHABAK (Israel’s General Security Services). The talk is that he is looking for a way to get rid of the Chief and get one of his own into the position. In any case this is going to give him considerable leeway.

One of the newspapers here also mentioned that Chief Karadi was at a fancy restaurant Friday morning with friends when the call came in of the escape. He continued his meeting for an additional hour and a half before leaving for the scene. Another nail in the coffin?

There were a few supposed sightings and the Police went bouncing to a few different places on the tips they got but its evident that they have no clue where he is. This is definitely one of their biggest blunders to date!