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Sportingo – Sports Social Network and Interactive News

Sportingo - Sports Social Network and Interactive NewsI came across this new Israeli Web2.0 startup that presents user content, articles, sports data and pictures for sports fans, Sportingo. The site is still in Beta and offers a new niche source of information for sports fans by sports fans, sort of a Sports social network with interactive news. The company founded target=”_blank”by Tal Barnoach and Ze’ev Rozov, veterans of the high tech industry, and uses a platform inspired by OhMyNews and Scoop was launched September 2006.

The editors for the site make sure grammar is corrected, make the headlines and approve the content on the site. The site makes use of Meta data and search engine optimization techniques that ensure it has a high rate of absorption in search engines. Although the site has been online for a relatively short time it already boasts over 9,750 indexed pages in Google and seems to be headed for greatness.

Using user generated content and interaction allows for an interactive environment that determines the ranking and popularity of news items and posts. The site does not provide a betting facility and the revenue model is based on advertising.


  1. The “Social Networks” that choose a piticular topic or target a certain group of people are nice; They don’t hold a candle to the potential of OneJerusalem’s magazine format. Because they don’t support the wide variety of subject matter, the broad range of emotions, the diversity of the character of the commenters, or the cultural sharing ability. That is to say…OneJerusalem, a favorite by FAR!

  2. Although, a “Grandma” network would be a good thing, know of one?
    My first grandbaby, Addison Michele, is due in January, real close to my 48th birthday!!! I’m soooo excited!

  3. Mazal Tov, Virgina!

    Hey, what happened to that Picow guy? Haven’t seen much of his
    stuff lately. Is he on vacation?

  4. Thanks Norm, I believe so.

  5. I also wonder what happened (to Picow). Hope to see more of
    his postings soon.

  6. Not unless you want to write for free Maurice !

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