Benny Sela Caught
The Benny Sela effect is ongoing and will likely cause some changes in the way things are done by Police in Israel. There is no doubt that the embarassing escape and the much publicized multiple sub standard handling procedures by Police will have to be reviewed and taken to heart.

Benny Sela was caught late Friday (14 days after his escape) and from the way the story unfolds it seems that he decided to slow down and get caught. In his last hours he stole a car and went by some relatives (who refused to help). At this point Police got many tips from people letting them know where he was seen and by the time the road blocks in the North were set up it was a matter of time. The Police rejoiced. You could see the relief everywhere you looked. In fact maybe a little too much. Some pictures the next day had Police detectives forcebly holding up Sela’s head for the photographers. Chief Karadi said that it was the media’s fault (haa??).

Benny Sela told reporters that he mailed a letter the day before his capture to Amos Yaron – the chief investigator reviewing the escape and the way Police managed the transfer of the prisoners that day. Sela complained that he has been stabbed and beaten and despite repeated requests for help he was ignored.

The day after his capture, the Minister of Internal Security, Avi Dichter, received a letter from Sela’s mother. In the letter she wrote that although she didn’t approve her son’s behavior she felt that his ongoing abuse was wrong. She added (mockingly) the her son made fun of the Police and showed the country that the Police force is fibble, weak and unable to deal with smarter people. Basically calling them dummies.

Tomorrow there is a TV show on channel 10 – “Wanted – A Police Force”. I don’t have to explain what’s it going to be about…

Moshik! has the cops coming back from the “post capture” party and the Amos Yaron report is waiting on the windshield.