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The Saddam Hangman Game

I found this version of the old Hangman game with a new twist. While you guess the letters Saddam will taunt you. I guess in light of the recent letter and the looming execution this is just a first in a line of “new ideas”..


  1. I am really hoping we’ll start the New Year off on a better note. What about the snow? Are you loving it? Florida doesn’t get snow, but I love the cooler weather. I can wear my Seal of Solomon jammies (from your OJ Shop) out doors, cause they double as a sweat shirt 🙂
    Love and Blessings to all of you in 2007!!!

  2. What colour are they?

  3. Norm, I’ve got your number, surely you prefer the lingerie type? My motto is this… Better a sweatshirt of gray that smells of carte’ than lingerie that smells like B.O. 🙂

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