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Dan Leaves Us

Halutz Leaves
I guess we all saw this coming in July:

The outgoing chief of staff, Lieutenant-General Dan Haloutz, announced his resignation on Tuesday night, after months of criticism over the IDF functioning during the second Lebanon war.

Despite all the good things that were said about Dan Haloutz, I think that this move was a must. Now if only Peretz would learn from this move…Peretz has already been placed in check and the process of selecting the new chief is going to be monitored:

“Although the defense minister formally makes the appointment, it is his [Peretz’] intention to set up a clear process, in order to choose the best possible chief of staff,” Olmert said.

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  1. Out of the three leaders that disapointed all of us, Dan is the
    only decent and talented person paying for everyone’s impotance
    and spineless behaviour,Olmert and Peretz should be out in the
    cold long ago,what happened to all the decent people there?

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