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The New Ehuds

EhudA couple of weeks ago Ehud Olmert had a little “procedure” to raise his eyelids. He went ahead and did it without letting anyone know in the cabinet. (can you feel the love in that cabinet?). It was a small procedure but still…

Ehud BarakMeanwhile in recent events, Ehud Barak announced that he was running for Minister of Defense. Having served as a Prime Minister for a very short time, and with quite a few shortfalls (excuse the pun) he said he learned from his mistakes and now felt he was ready to return to the political arena. He feels that being a Defense Minister is his calling (at least until the next election …).

So what we have here are two Ehuds and their before and after pictures. Moshik isn’t sure that there is much of a change…
The Two Ehuds


  1. There is a yidish proverb to describe the two jokers:
    They are “the zelbe dreck mit anundre decoratzia”
    surely there are some decent personalities still living
    in Israel, where are they?

  2. In other words, the same old shit, for you non Yiddish speakers!

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