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aniBOOM Finalist – Humans

I heard about this on the news today and its amazing. This is the aniBOOM animation finalists. This one is called Humans. With recent events in the world and especially in our region this seems appropriate.

Humans! is a 60 second global awareness PSA sensationalizing the excessive, all-consuming nature of the human being. This cute and na?ve Earth stands no chance against such an insatiable parasite. Witness its utter demise in a fun and sickening kind of way.


  1. Very good,humans is too good a name for us animals,judging
    by the way we treat our earth,its probably not the end of
    our earth abuse,the trouble is that our children’s generation
    will face the results.

  2. In light of eternity, I can’t agree that we are animals, but our abuse will be left to the generations of our children and our children’s children. However, so will our good works…So let’s get busy!!!

    My grandbaby, Addison (Son of Man) Michele (who is like the Lord) is being born AS I TYPE THIS!!! Thank you Almighty God for this blessed gift!!! And thank you OneJerusalem for enabling me to shout my thanks and praise to the whole world!!!! God is GOOD!!!

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