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Merav Michaeli Exposes Her Hot News to President Katzav

Merav Michaeli - Hot News
Merav Michaelia flamboyant and colorful TV personality had this to say to President Katzav. Wanting to express her thoughts on the President’s verbal assault Merav decided to expose her chest and show her bra on the Hot News channel last night. She was pissed off at the Neanderthal assumption made by Katzav that if the rape accuser was indeed a prostitute, she must have deserved to get raped. She explained that having a large chest, even if its exposed, does not mean that a woman deserves to get raped.
She was asked to come in the next day for “clarification” to the production company JCS offices.

What’s to clarify ??

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  1. She is a whore like her grand-father the Nazi sympatizer.
    He fled Hungary for Israel with the profit from the Jews he saved- at $40,000 a head- he got himself a nice profit-

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