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Channel 10 reports 15 Killed In A Week Of Accidents is Reasonable

15 Killed March Weekend (Hat Tip: Ynet – Avi Muaalem)
The first thing I heard this morning on the news is the weekend blood report. We had over the weekend 6 people killed in car accidents: A police officer father of 3 was killed, a 14 year old on a tractor, a 33 year old motorcycle rider, a 75 year old man killed in a head to head collision and a mother and daughter.

This is all on top of a horrendous car accident that killed 5 co-workers from Egged (Bus Transportation Company) last Thursday, on their way back from work. The accident is believed to be the result of failure to stop at a Red light and alcohol might be a contributing factor. Since the beginning of the year there were 85 killed in car accidents.

Avi Dichter, Minister of Internal Security, asked the chief of police to prepare an “emergency plan” to combat the increase in accidents.

What is really concerning is this. The Channel 10 TV news commentator after describing the carnage this weekend ended the story with:

“..our reporter added that even with the high number of accidents this weekend, we are still below the number of dead for the same period last year”.

Well, that’s great then. We are doing okay! 15 is a reasonable number as long as we “make the numbers”. Is this a joke? Did someone actually listen to this report?

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  1. Unfortunatly Channel 10 is no different than everyone else,
    just look at the government and Kenneset indifferance
    (except Avi Dichter maybe) no one is reacting or expresses
    his or her shock,and no one looks as if he realy cares,
    A real DISGRACE!

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